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The Essex Investigator

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The Essex Investigator

Phone & Tablet Forensics


As mobile phones have become more advanced over the years so has the level of Information that is stored on them, whilst this has made using the internet on the move and staying in touch with friends, colleagues and family members much easier it has also makes a wealth of information available to private investigators.

Every smart phone user records a huge amount of personal data on their phone every day, even once a contact number or a text message has been deleted that information is still stored on the device permanently. Our private investigators are able to access this information quickly and discreetly.


Data recovery on most phones takes under an hour and in most cases is considerably quicker. Our investigator will come to you day or night collect the phone recover the data and deliver the phone back to you within the hour. This is usually done in a vehicle outside your address so the phone doesn’t even have to leave your sight.


We do not keep any records of data or information retrieved, this is all stored directly onto a memory stick and is handed to you. Our investigator will open the document only whilst with you just to show you how to access it.


The software we use will make no changes to your phone and is completely removed on completion, this software is the latest technology available and is currently being used by the majority of police forces in the UK and across Europe.


T's & C's apply


The data and information we can recover includes:



  • Call Logs
  • Text Messages
  • Emails
  • Pictures taken sent & received
  • Calendar
  • Internet Browsing History
  • Social Media including Facebook & Twitter
  • Apps including WhatsApp & BBM




Some of the services we provide




















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Phone Data Recovery

Recover deleted text messages

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Recover deleted pictures

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