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The Essex Investigator

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you need to find out who owns a vehicle?


Have you exchanged details with another driver after an accident but can’t contact them?


Has a vehicle been abandoned on your land and you need to contact the owner?


Have you seen a vehicle you want to buy but don’t know who owns it?


We are so confident in our tried and tested methods of vehicle tracing that we offer this service on a NO Trace NO FEE basis.





We can establish the ownership of any UK vehicle, including commercial, agricultural and privately owned vehicles. This information is verified by a number of sources and in most cases provides results within 72 hours.


You will be given the details of the vehicles owner their address and where available contact details. We cannot guarantee the information we provide will disclose who the driver of the vehicle was at any particular time as many vehicles are company owned, hired or shared, it will however tell you who the legal owner of the vehicle is.



We provide this service on a no trace no fee basis so if we are unsuccessful it will cost you nothing.


Have a registration number and need the owner’s details?

Call us today

0800 9991 007

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