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The Essex Investigator

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Criminal Investigations




The Essex Investigator has a specialist team of experienced criminal investigators who have a proven track record in gathering evidence and investigating all types of criminal activity. Armed with the latest technology available The Essex Investigator is best placed to help if you are either a victim of crime or have been falsely accused of a crime. All Investigations are conducted discreetly by experienced investigators.

Falsely Accused


The Essex Investigator can gather evidence from many sources including mobile phone data, CCTV footage, witness interviewing and PC forensics. All evidence gathered is submitted in a format that is admissible in court and will clear you of all wrong doing. The Essex investigator has a vast experience in this area of investigation and has successfully gathered evidence to clear the names of our clients who have been accused of a whole range of crimes including sexual assault, theft, fraud, money laundering, robbery and manslaughter.


Victim of Crime


Are you or your business suffering losses as a result of theft? The Essex Investigator can provide covert surveillance, covert listening/video recording equipment and undercover operatives. The Essex Investigators private detectives will arrange a free, discreet, confidential consultation to establish your situation and will quickly implement an effective solution to ensure your losses are minimalised and the culprits are brought to justice.




Are you, your family members or business being blackmailed? The Essex Investigator is able to tackle this crime effectively by using technology to reveal the identity of the blackmailers. Often victims of blackmail are reluctant to involve the police for fear of making the situation worse. The Essex Investigator offer an effective and discreet solution to blackmail and have experience in this area working on behalf of both private and commercial clients. This service as all services provided by The Essex Investigator is completely confidential.




If you are being affected by crime or have been falsely accused of a crime contact The Essex Investigator today for a free, confidential consultation to find out how they can resolve your predicament.








  • Matrimonial Investigation
  • Fraud Investigation
  • Covert Surveillance
  • Phone Data Recovery
  • Employee Checks
  • Bugging & Tracking
  • Undercover Operatives
  • Missing Persons
  • Debtor Tracing
  • Child Custody
  • Tablet Data Recovery
  • Other Services*





















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