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Staff absenteeism, How to tell when your employees are faking being sick, Think an employee is faking a sickness?, Tackling Employees Who Fake Sickness, Workers compensation scams. What to Do if You Suspect an Employee is Faking Injury, Keeping your eyes on the competition , How Can I Tell What My Competitors Are Doing?. Business competitors Competitive advantage business. Employee theft is defined as any stealing, use or misuse of an employer’s assets without permission. 1 The term employer’s assets are important because it implies that employee theft involves more than just cash. In many industries, there are much more important things than cash that employees can steal from a company. Below are some of the different assets that employees normally steal from their employers: money – the most common asset stolen from employers.Time – Occurs when an employee is paid for time that he/she did not work. This usually happens through falsifying time keeping records, or when employees are not working while on the job (although difficult to prove).

Supplies – Common examples of theft of supplies include office supplies (paper, pens, computers, etc.) and restaurant supplies (food, condiments,silverware,etc.).Merchandise/Company Property – Theft of products that are to be sold. Information – Stealing product designs and trade secrets. Employee Theft Investigation, Private Investigator Essex

The Essex Investigator

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Corporate Services & Investigations




The Essex Investigator offers a full and discreet investigation and surveillance service across London and the South East.

Our fully trained team of experienced private investigators come from a vast range of backgrounds including former police officers, military and financial services allowing us to truly cater to your business needs.

Whether in industry, commerce, the legal sector or even the general public, our specialist investigators are equipped with the knowledge and experience to provide your business with comprehensive answers and documented evidence.


Employment Issues


If you have staff members who are regularly taking sick days or are claiming to be injured we can discreetly investigate to discover if their claims are justified and provide you with adequate evidence to conduct disciplinary proceedings should it be necessary. Our investigative techniques also enable us to gather background information on employees or potential employees. If you have concerns about the conduct of your staff or would like background information on a potential employee please contact one of our team today for a free consultation.


Competitor Investigations


Our investigators are able to conduct discreet enquiries and covert surveillance on your competitors to gather information that may not be publicly available, this type of investigation often results in our clients being aware of new products and services being launched enabling them to implement changes to secure or even improve their market share. Investigations of this nature are also useful to establish if commercially sensitive information from within your business is being leaked to your competitors by your staff. Contact us today to find out how we can help.


Internal Theft


Internal theft is a problem within most companies at some stage, our investigators have a solution no matter how big or small the situation. Our trained experts have sufficient experience in all industries and methods of investigations to meet all needs. We can deliver results fast, and will do so discreetly and professionally. One of the most frequently required services in the capturing of employer theft is the installation of covert cameras and listening devices into areas where the suspected theft is occurring. These cameras are state of the art in technology and offer fantastic, clear coverage. The images taken are admissible in a court room, so can aid as evidence if legal proceedings are taken. To tackle more substantial theft problems our agents are able to act as undercover employees, working alongside suspects and gathering information directly from the culprits. Think you have an internal theft problem? Contact us today to put a stop to it!


Fraud Investigation

Our highly qualified and skilled investigators have had a vast range of exposure to investigating corporate fraud at all levels and have successfully identified and investigated commercial and corporate sabotage.

Our operatives have also investigated internal corporate theft and have conducted such investigations in close liaison with members of the legal profession. Our fraud investigation services are second to none throughout the UK.


Bug Sweeping


We provide a complete counter surveillance solution, using state of the art equipment and staying up to date with the most sophisticated surveillance methods us to provide the most thorough and advanced bug detection service available across London and the South East. Read More Here***


Phone Forensics


Every smart phone user records a huge amount of personal data on their phone every day, even once a contact number or a text message has been deleted that information is still stored on the device permanently. Our private investigators are able to access this information quickly and discreetly. Read More Here***


Bugging & Tracking


The Essex Investigator supply and install Hundreds of listening, tracking and covert camera devices every year. These devices can be installed anywhere and are virtually undetectable giving you 24 hour access to the information you require. Read More Here***





We use the latest surveillance tools and equipment. We only use legitimate and ethical methods to conduct our surveillance and investigations.

Contact The Essex Investigator today for a free no obligation consultation with one of our experienced investigators.

Confidentiality absolutely guaranteed.


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  • Insurance Fraud and Investigations
  • Corporate & Business Fraud
  • Occupational Health services
  • Staff Theft & Fraud
  • Staff presentations & interviews to manage fraud
  • Staff training to identify fraud
  • Workers Compensation Fraud
  • Business Theft & Financial fraud
  • Employee Background checks
  • Due Diligence
  • Workers compensation
  • Public liability
  • Commercial burglary
  • Motor vehicle crash
  • Personal injury
  • Loss adjusting
  • Motor vehicle theft
  • Surveillance
  • Electronic debugging
  • Factual insurance investigations
  • Surveillance insurance investigations
  • Workplace behaviour investigations
  • Loss adjusting services
  • Litigation support
  • Witness locations services
  • Process serving
  • Field calls
  • Occupational issues
  • Recovery claims
  • Personal injury matters
  • Negligence matters
  • Directors and business liability
  • Database search
  • Debt collections
  • Pre-employment reviews


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