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Bugging & Tracking




The Essex Investigator supply and install Hundreds of listening, tracking and covert camera devices every year. These devices can be installed anywhere and are virtually undetectable giving you 24 hour access to the information you require.


Installation of most devices is done in less than 5 minutes by a fully trained technician who is able to advise on the most effective locations for the device as well as demonstrate it’s simple to use functions.


Understandably clients are often concerned about how difficult the devices will be to operate but there is no need to worry! Everything is set up to your mobile phone making it so easy to use that if you are able to send texts from your phone you will find this kit simple.


The devices can be viewed, tracked or listened to from anywhere in the world making them ideal for keeping an eye on Partners, Carers, Employees or Elderly relatives. Devices come in all shapes and sizes some smaller than a matchbox and others disguised as everyday household objects, The Essex Investigator will advise you on the most suitable device to meet your needs and budget.







  • Matrimonial Surveillance
  • Fraud Investigation
  • Covert Surveillance
  • Due Diligence
  • Employee Checks
  • Counter Surveillance
  • Undercover Operatives
  • Missing Persons
  • Debtor Tracing
  • Asset Locating
  • De-Bugging
  • Other Services*


One of the most popular devices Installed by The Essex Investigator is a combined tracker and listening device, it is the size of a matchbox and can be installed in any vehicle. Once fitted you will not only be able keep track of the vehicles exact location but you will be able to hear everything being said inside. The device is completely silent and installation takes approximately 15 minutes. There are no monthly costs or service charges for this device just a one off payment that includes installation. Once installed these devices require no maintenance or charging and will continue to work for many years. All Devices Installed by The Essex Investigator come with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Essex Investigator understand that confidentiality is of the upmost importance therefore all devices are installed securely ensuring you are the only person able to access the information being gathered. Their staff wear plain clothes, have no sign writing on their vehicles and will never call unless prearranged with you.

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